Use the Real-Time Segments builder (Private beta)

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The Real-Time Segments builder is in private beta.

Optimizely Data Platform's (ODP's) Real-Time Segments builder leverages the ODP GraphQL API, allowing you to segment customers in real time and further personalize your customer's web-based experience. You can create custom-built, real-time segments using the ODP RealtimeSegments API or through the Real-Time Segments page in the ODP application.

Use real-time segments for customer events within the last 28 days. If you want to use data greater than 28 days old, use the standard segments on the Customers > Segments page (see Create segments).

Real-Time Segments page


To access your real-time segments, go to Customers > Real-Time Segments. A table displays with the following columns:

  • Segment Name – Displays the name of your real-time segment as a link you can click to view the details of that segment.
  • Size Estimate – An estimate of the number of customers currently in the segment.
  • Creator – Displays Optimizely if the segment is pre-defined by ODP. Any segments that you build yourself do not display anything for the creator.
  • Edit – Click to edit the segment.
  • Copy – Click to copy the segment.
    The copy feature is coming soon.

RealtimeSegments API

All segments created using the RealtimeSegments API display on the Real-Time Segments page in addition to all pre-defined and custom-built segments. You cannot edit segments that were built with the API in the real-time segment builder. When you view a segment built using the API, a message displays above the code for that segment.


Data latency and freshness

Data latency is the time it takes for data to become available to you after an event occurs. The data latency for real-time segments is less than 90 seconds, which means your customer data refreshes in real-time, giving you the most accurate view of your segments. Only 0.001% of requests experience a data latency greater than 90 seconds.

Create a real-time segment


To create a new real-time segment in ODP:

  1. Go to Customers > Real-Time Segments.
  2. Click Create New Real-Time Segment.
  3. Enter the Segment Name.
  4. Click Create Segment.
  5. Click Add Condition and select the desired attribute. You can use the search bar to find specific attributes.
  6. Once you select an attribute, the corresponding identity operator dropdown list displays. Select the desired identity operator.
    The identity operators that display (for example, is, is exactly, is not, is greater than, and so on) depend on which attribute you select in step 5.
  7. In the next field, enter the desired values. You can also select Include Unknown to match for customers where the specific attribute you selected in step 5 is not known.
  8. Repeat step 5 through step 7 until your segment is complete.
  9. Click Save Segment. The summary of your segment displays with the size estimate of customers who qualify for that segment.

Edit a real-time segment

To edit an existing real-time segment:

  1. Go to Customers > Real-Time Segments.
  2. To edit, either click the name of the segment or click the edit icon.
  3. If you click the name of the segment, you need to then click Edit Segment to begin editing the segment. If you click the edit icon, the edit view displays automatically.
  4. Once in edit mode, you can complete the following actions:
    1. Edit the name of the segment.
    2. Delete a condition.
    3. Make changes to the existing conditions.
    4. Add more conditions.
  5. Click Save Segment.

Use ODP real-time segments in other Optimizely products

The following integrations are currently available for ODP real-time segments:

  • Optimizely Web Experimentation – Use ODP real-time segments as audiences in your Optimizely Web Experimentation experiments. For more information, see ODP Audience Targeting (beta).
  • Optimizely Feature Experimentation – Use ODP real-time segments as audiences in your Optimizely Feature Experimentation experiments. More information coming soon.
  • Optimizely CMS 11 & 12 – Use ODP real-time segments in the Visitor Groups feature in Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) 11 & 12. You must have the visitor group package installed. For more information, see Visitor groups.
  • Optimizely Campaign – Use ODP real-time segments as audiences in your newsletter, transactional, and marketing automation campaigns. For more information, see ODP Synchronization.
    The Optimizely Campaign integration is only available for the EU region.