December 2022

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Features are released for general availability (GA) to Cutting Edge customers with stringent performance and SLA criteria, and with in-app tutorials and documentation. During the Cutting Edge period of 1 to 6 weeks, customers can provide feedback that helps to shape the “final state” for Standard customer GA.

Welcome becomes Optimizely Content Marketing Platform

As Welcome celebrates its one-year anniversary with Optimizely, and Welcome is an increasingly integral part of Optimizely's  product suite, Welcome becomes Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP),  to better represent the capabilities you know and love.

Image renditions

Released: 12/18/2022

Save time creating different image versions.


Automatically generate different sizes and file types of image assets for use across multiple channels. Save time with automation instead of manually editing images to create different versions. See Image renditions.

Move task from one owner to another

Released: 12/18/2022

You can move a task from one owner to another more easily.

  1. Go to Plan > Board view.
  2. Organize the planning board view by task owners, by selecting Columns > Owners, which displays columns of owners with their respective tasks.
  3. Drag and drop a task from one owner to another.


See Board view planning.

Campaign template updates

Released: 12/18/2022

Campaign managers can view a tentative timeline for each activity within a campaign to plan their campaigns effectively.

The Activities tab of a campaign template shows the duration of each activity (such at 230 days duration), and when each activity starts with respect to the campaign's creation date (such as starts in 28 days).

See Manage campaign templates.

UX Delights

To make your day-to-day ever easier, the following UX-minded updates were inspired by customer feedback. 


  • Global Search on text fields – Match search results to text fields in addition to searching object titles and article bodies, making it easier to find what you need. Archived objects will now be removed from the Global Search to clear the way for the most relevant results, but you can still find them within the Plan and/or Requests modules
  • All-day events on the calendar –  Create an all-day event in addition to our recently-released intra-day events. All-day events will show on the same calendar day across all time zones, while intra-day events are time zone specific
  • Work request delete & archive –  Archive (and un-archive) work requests! Like archived Tasks or Campaigns, archived Requests will not be shown in the list view by default, but can be included via filtering

Add Content dropdown

Released: 12/18/2022

Create content more quickly than before.


Search for any available content that can be created and see the results directly within the dropdown. Access more options without scrolling endlessly. Find and select new types of content when they become available.

Campaign milestones

Released: Private Beta, 12/18/2022

Track progress against key project milestones.


Use campaign milestones to more clearly see how a project is progressing and drive greater collaboration around important plan phases. 

Group related tasks together and map them to phases—called “milestones”—within a project. As a milestone date shifts, the associated tasks can shift too, saving a lot of work about work.

Microsoft Teams connector

Released: Private Beta, 12/18/2022

For early access to the beta, contact your account representative.

Manage tasks directly within Microsoft Teams.


Subscribe to many types of Optimizely CMP notifications, and receive, log and monitor your submitted work requests from directly within Microsoft Teams. Never miss a comment or alert, so you can stay on top of your assignments and due dates.