December 2022 Release

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Optimizely discovered a critical bug in the October 2022 release (5.1.2210.1448). If you use alternate warehouses, do not use the October, November, or December 2022 releases. Update to hotfix 5.1.2212.3417 or newer.

Release: 5.1.2212.3289

The following is a complete list of the bug fixes and enhancements provided in the December 2022 Release. Some of the bug fixes listed below may address existing Support Articles. A comprehensive list is at the bottom of this page.

Note: The December 2022 release is now available for developers to pull down and work with locally or to request for deployments.


December 2022 release highlights

  • Added product badging, which allows you to apply visual indicators to product cards displayed on pages such as Product List, Product Detail, List Pages, and other pages containing product carousel widgets. These indicators (icons, images, and text badges) show important information to help your customers make purchasing decisions based on product attributes, promotions, or product status. 

Important notes/Breaking changes

High risk breaking change for Spire:

  • Spire upgraded to Node18.
    • Optimizely suggests using NVM to manage and switch between Node versions. Uninstall Node before installing NVM as shown in the example below: 
      choco install nvm
      nvm on
      nvm install 18.12.1
      nvm use 18.12.1

Medium risk breaking change:

  • Updated to the newest version of Azure Blob Storage.
    • Azure storage library switched from the deprecated Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Blob package to the fully supported and maintained Azure.Storage.Blob package. Implementations that use the Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Blob library directly will need to be updated to use Azure.Storage.Blob instead.
    • Implementations that do not use Azure Blob Storage are not affected, which includes most sites hosted by our cloud service team.
    • Implementations that use Optimizely's IStorageProvider abstraction should not be affected, as API differences have been accounted for internally.

Low risk breaking changes:

  • Added new method SetProductRecommendationsEnabled to IIntegrationConnectorSettingsService.
  • Added new method SetValueGlobalAndToAllSites method toISystemSettingProvider.
  • Updated a large number of third-party (primarily Microsoft) Nuget packages, which did not require code changes to base code. Breaking changes are not anticipated, but Optimizely is unable to perform a full review of the whitelisted third-party code surface area.

Partners/Developers: You can view a cumulative list of breaking changes, including Spire breaking changes, at the bottom of this page. (Note the two tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet: one for cumulative breaking changes, one for Spire breaking changes.)

Database changes/Updates


Bug fixes