Sample eSync Strategy Implementation

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This is an article that provides a sample and steps for implementing an eSync strategy.

This sample was built and tested in 9.1SP3.  This is the complete project. If the version you are on is not on 9.1SP3 you will have to clear references and point to your version and rebuild. The steps to use are the following.

  1. Stop EWS
  2. Place the objectfactory.config and the EktronEsync.dll in the EWS folder in the Ektron base install folder (not the site folder).
  3. Restart the EWS.
  4. Up the LogLevel in the web.config to 4 and the EWS log to 4.
  5. Run the test and review the information on the Application Event Viewer. 

For Ektron documentation on implementation please see here.  

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