How to change the maximum sizes of an avatar image

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This KB article shows how to increase the maximum file size for an avatar.

Several fields in the Ektron Workarea let you upload an avatar. For example, when you create/edit users and membership users. By default, an avatar's maximum file size is 200 kilobytes, and its height and width cannot exceed 125 pixels preserving the aspect ratio.

Important! Files stored in the siteroot\workarea folder are overwritten (or deleted) when you upgrade. To avoid problems, back up the images to a folder outside the siteroot\workarea folder.

Changing the Default File Size

To change the file size limit, edit Siteroot\Workarea\Upload.aspx.vb . In this file, change the line below to the maximum file size you want to allow.

If (numFileSize > 200) Then

For example, to allow 500 kb files, change 200 to 500. Remember, this number is in kilobytes.

Changing the Default Height and Width

To change the default height and width, edit siteroot\App_Code\VBCode\Utilities.vb . In this file, change the following lines to the size you want to allow.

Dim Width As Integer = 125
Dim Height As Integer = 125

For example, to set avatars' height and width to 166 pixels, change 125 to 166 in both lines.