Error: Could not create type 'Ektron.Seesmic.SeesmicService'

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When trying to compile/build your 9.02Sp2 website, you're seeing the following error message:

Could not create type 'Ektron.Seesmic.SeesmicService'.

Thankfully this is a pretty simple error to correct.

The issue lies with a webservice file in the workarea called Seesmic.asmx. In 9.0Sp2 the file is no longer used by Ektron so the simple solution is to simply delete the file.

A Little Background:

Curious to know a little more about this file?

The Seesmic.asmx file was used as a plug-in for previous versions called Seesmic Desktop. This social media management application allowed users to monitor social media activities.

This file was installed in the CMS400min, Ontrek, and eIntranet starter sites leading up to version 9.

For more information, here's a YouTube video we put together back in 2010: