Issue with MessageUtilities object when using the code samples on the Developer Reference Guide

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One may notice when using the code samples from Ektron Developer Reference Guide, if copied verbatim, that the code will error on a MessageUtilities object.  For example, the error may be thrown on the following lines: 

MessageUtilities.UpdateMessage(uxMessage, ex.Message, Message.DisplayModes.Error);

This was specifically developed for the OnTrek starter site as a way to update messages throughout the process of the API calls in the samples.

The purpose of this article is to provide a way to use the MessageUtilites.UpdateMessage method that is found on the code samples in the Reference Guide.

This sample contains

  • MessageUtilites.cs - Class file
  • ContentGetList.aspx - Demonstrates how the class file works with the samples from the Reference Guide

Code Download

To use this class:

  1. Place the MessageUtilites.cs from the Zip file in the Site root's App_code folder located: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ Site Name\App_Code\
  2. Reference the following namespaces in the code behind if creating a new template:
    • using Ektron.Cms.Min;
    • using Ektron.Cms.Framework.UI.Controls.EktronUI;
  3. Wrap the List tags (
      ) from the sample on the Developer Reference Guide with an asp multiview control (this is demonstrated on the sample attached):
<asp:MultiView ID="uxPageMultiView" runat="server" ActiveViewIndex="0"></asp:MultiView>