Page Layout not updating when Master Layout is updated

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Two types of page layouts can be created in the Workarea.

  •  Page Layout - a PageBuilder template initially created by a developer, purpose is for design and placement of functionality on the Web page

  • Master Layout - special type of PageBuilder template that includes specific dropzone called a Master Zone.   Content authors can drag and drop a widget into other dropzones, but cannot edit the specified Master Zone.




When a master layout is published, you can use it like any other template. In some cases, you may want to modify the master layout, for example, add a drop zone, or change the master zone. You may also want to change page layouts built on the master design. Before modifying a master layout, consider that any page layout built upon the master is not updated after the master layout is modified -- you need to update and republish any related page layouts.

To make this process easier, Ektron has select APIs that can be used to create a Pagebuilder Page Layout programmatically. To download the code sample, view the article below:

Sample on how to add a new Page Layout using the Pagebuilder APIs