Site not working after 9.10 SP1 upgrade when default container set to cache

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After you upgrade to Ektron 9.10 SP1, a site may not work and an error occurs similar to the following when you have the default container option set to Cache:  The type name or alias Cache.IExactTargetManager could not be resolved. Please check your configuration file and verify this type name.

is set in the site web.config .

Note that this has now been addressed in 9.1 SP1 CU 2 and higher.

1. Open ektron.cms.framework.unity.config in the site root folder.

2. Search for  mapTo="Cache.IExactTargetManager".

3. Comment out the following tag from the beginning of type to the close of type as follows:

<!--<type type="IExactTargetManager" mapto="Cache.IExactTargetManager">
    <param name="cacheSeconds" value="500"/>
    <param name="expirationType" value="1" />

4. Save web.config .