Need to automate clearing the cache after syncing

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Sometimes you need to have your caching cleared after a sync, for example from staging to production, so changes will be displayed immediately without waiting for the cache to expire.  Normally you would need to wait for it to expire, or for the app pool to get reset, etc, but you can configure Ektron to do this automatically for you.

To automate tasks like this after an eSync event is run, you would setup an eSync Strategy, as documented here:


eSync Strategies are described in CMS Strategies. These strategies let you plug into the EWS (Ektron Windows Service), so developers can implement functionality like sync notifications, data modifications, and cache invalidation. 

Things to note:

  • Events are synchronous.
  • Strategies have minimal impact on eSync stability, scalability, and performance.
  • The data transform strategy, which has some performance penalty, is activated only when it is implemented (to prevent undue performance impact).
  • You cannot break eSync by modifying parameters which do not make sense to be modified via an API. Not all properties are writable.
  • Errors in the strategies do not crash the EWS.
  • The website progress always shows strategy execution details.
  • Whenever new strategies are registered, restart the EWS .


We do have sample code to help get started with creating and using CMS strategies at the following link:

The samples are documented in the code itself and should be an asset for getting started with creating your own custom Strategies to use.