Optimizely Experimentation Analytics Release Notes 2023

  • Updated

The following is a cumulative list of enhancements and major bug fixes for the Optimizely Experimentation Platform. Because Optimizely Experimentation releases new features and fixes as soon as they are ready, this list will update regularly. Follow this article to receive notifications as soon as new content is added.

March 2023

Updated feature – Added the ability to view archived experiment details

Updated archived experiments, allowing you to click in to view the experiment's details, such as variation data or experiment descriptions. 

Removed the ability to unarchive experiments for the following products:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a single experiment in a Personalization Campaign would attribute the variation data to the wrong row in the Experiment Summary table.

February 2023

Architectural updates

Moved backend architecture to Google Cloud Platform, allowing Optimizely Experimentation to deliver more complex features quicker, measure success effectively, and enable data democratization.

Added new result page alerts that provide details about experiment result data freshness.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the date logic for the result page segmentation feature. The date picker now properly handles the start and end date chosen by the user. 

Fixed ResultsAPI to handle traffic allocations set to less than 100% correctly.