Legacy feature test to Feature Experimentation migration example

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This topic maps each corresponding UI element for a feature test from legacy Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation to a flag with an A/B test in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.

For more information, see Feature Experimentation application migration.


  1. The feature test's name in legacy Full Stack Experimentation becomes the A/B test rule's name attached to the flag in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.
    Because there is no corresponding name for a rule in Full Stack, Feature Experimentation creates a name based on the audience.
  2. The feature test's key becomes the A/B test rule's key.
  3. The feature test's variations and traffic distribution percentages display in the A/B test rule's variation traffic percentage.
    The variation description in legacy Full Stack has no corresponding element in Feature Experimentation.
  4. The feature test's variable values are reflected in the A/B test rule's variables.
    The featureEnabled toggle should be set to On because it does not have a Feature Experimentation equivalent mapping in the UI (the backend maps the correct value). If your legacy Full Stack Experimentation project contains a Feature Test with an off variation, the variations remain off in your migrated project. See Warnings when upgrading to Optimizely Feature Experimentation from Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation for more information.

Legacy Full Stack Experimentation


Optimizely Feature Experimentation



Traffic Allocation

  1. The traffic allocation of a legacy feature test becomes the A/B test rule's Ramp Percentage.

Legacy Full Stack Experimentation


Optimizely Feature Experimentation



Whitelisting was renamed to allowlisting in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.
  1. A feature test's whitelist becomes the A/B test rule's allowlist.

Legacy Full Stack Experimentation


Optimizely Feature Experimentation



  1. A legacy feature test's audience becomes the A/B test rule's audience.  

Legacy Full Stack Experimentation


Optimizely Feature Experimentation



  1. The legacy feature test's metrics become the A/B test rule's metrics. 

Legacy Full Stack Experimentation


Optimizely Feature Experimentation