February 2023

  • Updated

Board workflow view

Optimizely added a new way to see tasks from the board view. It uses a specific workflow to provide an aggregate view of tasks and their current step, so you can:

  • See where work is getting blocked or where work may need to be updated
  • See the tasks that are using a specific workflow and the current step it is on
  • See steps within the workflow as individual columns
  • See tasks in their respective step column
  • Move steps forward or backward by dragging and dropping to another step column
  • Complete tasks by dragging card to the Completed column

See Drag and drop to change owners in Board view planning.

Smart focal points for image renditions

Artificial intelligence (AI) automatically detects the important parts of an image to focus on the right section of the image before cropping. This can eliminate time-consuming edits to image renditions (and the occasional – and unfortunate – cropped head).

See Image renditions.

Campaign milestone improvements

Optimizely added refinements to campaign planning so that you can:

  • Drag and drop the diamond to easily update milestone dates and respective corresponding task end dates in the timeline calendar
  • Add milestones on the list and timeline view within the row (just like a spreadsheet)
  • View milestones on a visual calendar


See Manage campaign milestones.

Microsoft Teams integration

You can receive Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) notifications, deadline reminders, and alerts directly to your Teams app. Coming soon to the Microsoft store, but is currently available for use.

Adobe Creative Cloud + CMP Library

Designers can browse, open, and update Library assets directly from Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects to make creative collaboration more seamless for design teams. (Available at additional cost for users.)

User experience delights

The following refinements were made to the user experience:

  • List view on task Content tab – View a condensed, filterable, or sortable list of content in a task. This is especially useful if you have tasks with many assets.
  • Boolean search – Search bars now support AND, OR and exact match (using quotation marks "") to more accurately find the results you want.
  • Copy event – Running a series of similar events? Create one, then duplicate the event and adjust accordingly.
  • Filter for tasks with overdue steps – Find tasks that have one or more overdue steps, even if the task due date has not lapsed (that is, the task itself is not overdue).
  • Collapsible workflow panel – Make more room for collaboration! Collapse the right-hand panel to give more space to work in the brief, content tab, and so on.
  • Activation/deactivation of multistep workflows – Deactivate workflows that are no longer in use without deleting them. Deactivate workflows that are only used at certain times of the year (such as seasonal kick-offs or events).
  • Alert users of new work requests – To reduce the chance of missing a request, a banner displays at the top of the requests page when a new request comes in. Refresh the page to see the new request at the top of the list view.
  • Default Library settings for placeholder tasks – You can select whether content from placeholder tasks are automatically sent to Library from the workflow settings page (if placeholder tasks are turned on).