Installation guide : CMS + Customized Commerce

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The beta version of Opti ID is not published to any public NuGet feed, please see the releases below for a downloadable version instead. Each download contains a pre-release version of Opti ID and CMS. Unzip the packages, include them in your solution, update nuget.config to include the directory where you put the packages, and then install the packages in your project file(s).

In startup.cs in the ConfigureServices method, enable Opti ID with following:

services.AddOptimizelyIdentity(useAsDefault: true);

By default, Opti ID is only enabled in shell modules, preview- and edit mode. UseAsDefault enables Opti ID globally throughout the application. AuthenticationOptions can be configured if more control over which authentication scheme should be active when is needed. The namespace EPiServer.OptimizelyIdentity.OptimizelyIdentityDefaults contains constants if you need to reference the scheme while configuring.

You should not call services.AddCmsAspNetIdentity<TUser>() if ASP.NET Identity is not being used.

Optimizely automatically maps roles from Opti ID to the virtual roles CmsEditors and CmsAdmins. You need to remove mapping of these if you already have any.

Run Opti ID locally

You can use Opti ID locally on https://localhost:5000. For this to work you also need some settings. We will provide these to you during the onboarding. These settings are provided automatically when the application is deployed to DXP. You should add these settings in appsettings.json:

"EPiServer": {
   "Cms": {
      "OptimizelyIdentity": {
         "InstanceId": "xxx",
         "ClientId": "xxx",
         "ClientSecret": "xxx"

Releases : CMS + Customized Commerce pre-releases

For the closed beta we do not publish any packages publicly, instead all necessary packages can be downloaded from here.

Date Description Packages
2023-05-26 INSTALL THIS ONE: No changes, except built against latest version of CMS UI.
2023-05-25 No changes, except built against latest version of CMS UI.
2023-05-17 No changes, except built against latest version of CMS UI.
2023-05-08 Relaxed token lifetime validation to cater for clock skew.
2023-04-20 Updated authority.
2023-04-12 Minor UI bugfixes.
2023-04-11 Updates product switcher to match the appearance of the instance switcher.
2023-03-28 Adds support for roles. Also includes minor UI bugfixes.
2023-03-27 Contains bugfix for when access token expires before session expires. Also includes minor UI bugfixes.
2023-03-23 Initial beta release. This release does not include roles from Optimizely Identity. Roles are still hardcoded to "Content Editors" and "Content Admins." We recommend not deploying this to production, unless roles are not used for authorizing content.