January 2023

  • Updated

UX delights


  • Rearrange content in the Content tab – Drag and drop the order of content in the Content tab so the most important content is shown first.
  • Mark notifications as unread – Remind yourself to return to a notification by marking it as “unread” in the dropdown.
  • Copy Work Requests –Reuse work requests (and make changes if needed).
  • View Marketing Work Request “Completed Date” column – See when requests were actually completed.
  • Add priority to work requests – In Routing Rules, choose a priority level to be automatically applied based on work request inputs. This can be used with or instead of routing to an assignee.
  • Upload InVision URL to Content tab – View the URL’s content and collaborate in the CMP’s comment section.


  • Change title of URL-based content – Easily differentiate between URLs from the same site.
  • Save sorting views – In the Plan view, save a sorted view to easily find in the future.
  • Library options menu (…) updates – Share, move, edit, delete, and more – all from one menu.
  • React to comments with emojis – 👍👎💗

Generate your ideal image with artificial intelligence

Looking for the perfect image? Using AI, you can generate images based on a text prompt, such as Photorealistic person hiking in the mountains at sunrise.