March 2023

  • Updated

Sending assets to library by default for placeholder tasks

Similar to workflow library default settings, an administrator can set the default action for placeholders to automatically send content to the library. If the administrator disables the action, you can avoid sending irrelevant content to the library.

Collapsible panel

When inside a task, you can collapse the right-hand panel (workflow, comments, attachments, and so on) to make room for more collaboration on brief, content, and so on. The panel is open by default to display important information (such as due dates, sharing, and so on).

Copy event

Select Copy from the options menu (...) to duplicate an event, modify details of the copy, and click Save

You must have permission to access the event they want to copy.

Copy work request

Select Copy from the options menu (...) to duplicate an work request, modify details of the copy, and click Submit

Copied work requests must retain the same template. You can change only the title and template inputs. You must have permission to access the request they want to copy.

Overdue steps filter

Use filter Task Status = Has overdue steps to find tasks that have one or more overdue steps, regardless of if the task itself is overdue.

The Task status filter is separate from Status. This is the same filter where you will find Task Status = Scheduled.

Deactivate and reactivate a workflow

From the Workflow settings, an administrator can deactivate (and reactivate) multi-step workflows. You will not affect current objects that use the deactivated workflow; it makes the workflow unavailable for use on new tasks.

Content tab list view

List view was added to the detail and grid views in the task's content tab, which is helpful for teams with many pieces of content in a single task. Only select filters and columns are available on this view at the moment. Provide feedback if more are needed. Use of this tab works best with the workflow panel collapsed.

Work request alert

When on the work request module, a banner displays at the top of the page when a new request (that you have access to) is submitted, ensuring that you do not miss a submission. You can click the banner to refresh the page and see the new alert.

Boolean search

In global, plan, and library searches, you can use AND, OR, and Direct Match operators to find content.

  • AND operator connects search terms and returns results that include all terms.
  • OR operator returns results that include any terms.
  • Direct Match operator uses quotation marks (" ") to return results that are exact matches for the term in quotes.
Boolean search operators are not yet available in the marketing work request search bar.

Emoji reactions for comments

Emojis are available only on top-level comments. We are investigating replies-to-replies, which would include emojis at lower levels.