April 2023

  • Updated

AI Content Generator

(This intro was powered by the CMP's AI Content Generator, edited by a human.)

As marketers, we know that a lot goes into successfully launching content. It’s more than just ensuring articles get published, but also efficiently managing the content creation and collaboration process. Our latest releases include some great new features to help make your content processes more collaborative and efficient than ever before. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

  • Generate AI content – Harness the time-saving power of AI! Generate short or long-form written content: just provide the topic, word count, tone (formal or informal), and sentiment (neutral, positive, or negative), and AI will do the work for you. Need an image to accompany your text? Provide a prompt and choose from a batch of AI-generated images to find the perfect match.

Digital Asset Management

  • Microsoft 365 Office apps –  Bring assets from Optimizely Digital Asset Management (DAM) into Microsoft Office applications. You can pull in assets from the DAM library without having to leave Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. You can save the final product to the DAM without leaving your  Microsoft Office app. 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration – Update assets without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud. Browse, open, and update library assets in your Adobe tools, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. 
  • Add folders to collections – You can nest folders into collections to organize your assets. For example, you could have a brand collection folder can store types of logos, another folder for branded images, and another folder for branded templates, and so on.
  • Bulk actions – Send assets, add to favorites, collections or campaigns, apply labels, or delete in bulk. 

Related Activities for Work Requests

  • Work Requests – You can view the number of Related Activities associated with each request. By clicking the number, a side panel displays the list of related activities for that work request. Additionally, only the assets you select are saved in the library and sent to the Approved Assets section of the Work Request; draft versions are not visible to requestors.