User-based permission flow

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This topic describes the user-based permission flow in the Opti ID Admin Center, which includes only one level of administrator privileges. You must have that administrator privilege to perform the functions in this topic.

For information on the new product-based permission flow with four levels of administrators, see Product-based permission flow.

The administrator view provides a single place to manage users across all Optimizely platform products and eliminates the overhead of managing users in each separate product. Administrators can create users and groups and assign access permissions.

The administrator view shows information about users and groups, including the number of users in each group. You can also set up single sign-on (SSO) settings from the administrator view. 


  • Users – Create and apply individual access to products through Opti ID. When you create a user, you can specify the groups to which you want the user to belong.
  • Roles – Organize users based on their roles, such as Administrator, Marketer, Editor, and so on.
  • Groups – Organize users into groups so that instead of applying the same products to individual users, you can apply them to a group and then simply add and remove users to and from the group.
  • Invitations – Invite users to join your organization to access their available products.