July 2023 Release

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Release: 5.1.2307.3448

The following is a list of the bug fixes and enhancements provided in the July 2023 Release. Some of the bug fixes listed below may address existing Support Articles. A comprehensive list is at the bottom of this page.

The July 2023 release is now available for developers to pull down and work with locally or to request for deployments.

July 2023 release highlights

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is now publicly available to all customers. Use VMI to update inventory and place orders with mobile barcode scanning. Features include:    

    • Access VMI via desktop and mobile app.
    • Configure VMI locations.
    • Use barcode scanning via a mobile app with automatic order suggestions .
    • Use inventory reporting to track slow and fast-moving products.

    Learn more about using VMI via desktop and mobile app or configuring pages in Spire.

  • There is now a Sign In Overlay option allowing users to log in with the side panel instead of being directed to the Sign In page.
  • Elasticsearch v7 has now been fully released with improved synonym recognition, Dimensional Analyzer support, and faster search results. The Dimensional Analyzer recognizes numerical product values for decimals or fractions, allowing customers to locate products based on size and application. Searches using multiple words return multi-word results based on similar names and product titles.
  • You can now translate the Admin Console and Spire CMS into six languages:
    • English (EN)
    • German (DE)
    • Spanish (ES)
    • French (FR)
    • Dutch (NL)
    • Swedish (SE)

Breaking changes

Binary breaking changes do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project. This section describes breaking changes to method signatures or methods' behavior.

Low risk breaking changes

  • Moved method RemoveSpace(System.String stringIn) to another class inside Test Folder. This method is only used in automation projects.
  • Modified DependencySystemSettings so that they can be changed without requiring a restart. The system setting for Performance - CacheManager was removed to support this ability. It was not needed due to there only being a single option to implement ICacheManager.
  • Fixed removing promo code with multiple free products. Removed CustomerOrderPromotion property from Insite.Promotions.Services.Results.RemovePromotionResult and added CustomerOrderPromotions instead.
  • Removed MiniProfiler. This setting was in the public surface area but was not likely referenced by custom code.

Partners/Developers: You can view a cumulative list of breaking changes, including Spire breaking changes, at the bottom of this page. The spreadsheet has two tabs: one for cumulative breaking changes and one for Spire breaking changes.

Database changes and updates

Library changes and updates

No significant changes.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Bug fixes