July 2023

  • Updated

Archive assets

Mark assets as Archived to remove them from search results in the library. Filter for archived assets in the filter panel to find them and mark them as Unarchived if you need them again.


UX Delights

  • View Created Date column in List view –  See at-a-glance the date of creation for any task, campaign, event or milestone. 
  • Filter Library assets by file format – Choose the file types you want to see—PDFs, text docs, spreadsheets, audio, or creative files — from the filter panel.


  • Filter users by roles in Settings – Easily view and audit CMP users to make sure you’re getting the most out of your allotted user count.
  • View related activities for work requests – You can view the number of related activities associated with each request, and click to view the list of activities. Additionally, only the assets chosen to be saved in the library are sent back to the Approved Assets section of the work request, ensuring that draft versions are not visible to requestors.


  • Add folders to collections – Organize assets by nesting folders into collections.
  • Select All in collections for bulk updating – Download or remove files within a collection without having to select each asset individually.
  • Apply actions to a batch of assets – Save time by applying actions to multiple assets at once. Send assets, add to favorites, collections or campaigns, apply labels, or delete – in bulk.