Real-time segments FAQ

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Optimizely Data Platform's (ODP's) real-time segments builder lets you segment customers in real time and further personalize your customer's web-based experience. For more information on building real-time segments, see Build real-time segments in ODP.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between standard segments and real-time segments?

  • Standard segments – Managed on the Customers > Segments page.
    • Access to all historical customer events.
    • You cannot export these segments out of ODP, but you can use them in campaigns, reports, and other features throughout ODP.
    • For more information, see Create standard segments.
  • Real-time segments – Managed on the Customers > Real-Time Segments page.
    • Access to customer events less than 28 days old.
    • You can use real-time segments in Optimizely Web Experimentation, Optimizely Feature Experimentation, Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) 11 & 12, and Optimizely Campaign.
    • Segment membership calculates in real-time, with less than a 90 second refresh time. Only 0.001% of requests experience a data latency greater than 90 seconds.

What is the Last Seen Email attribute?

The Last Seen Email is the most recently seen email address in ODP for a customer. It does not indicate that users have viewed an email from you.

How do you delete a segment?

See Delete a real-time segment.

How do you edit a segment?

See Edit a real-time segment.

Does the size estimate pull from historical data in ODP?

Yes, but real-time segments only have access to the past 28 days of data. For more information on how ODP calculates the size estimates, see Size estimates for real-time segments.

Does the size estimate update in real-time?

Yes, refresh your browser to re-calculate the estimate. The size estimate also updates any time you open a segment in ODP or in products you are integrating real-time segments with.

Are all real-time segments based off the last 28 days of data?

Yes, for only event attributes. For example, if the event is cart view, real-time segments checks for customers who have a cart view event in the last 28 days unless you specify a relative date range shorter than that. For customer attributes, like birthday or state residence, real-time segments can access that regardless of when that data entered ODP.

What does each attribute mean?

The list of potential attributes is too comprehensive to have its own documentation as there can be hundreds of custom objects and fields per customer account.

Do all pre-built real-time segments work for all customers?

Yes, ODP real-time segments comes with 25 pre-built segments available to everyone.

Are real-time segments supported in both Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) 11 and 12?


When adding conditions to a real-time segment, the drop-down lists do not include an option you want. How do you enter a new option?

Type the new option in the text field and press Enter. This adds the option to your real-time segment. For example, if you are trying to enter Kansas City as an option:

  1. In the text field, enter Kansas City.A screenshot of a computer

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  2. Press Enter.A screenshot of a computer

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