AI variation generator

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Optimizely Web Experimentation's AI variation generator lets you generate AI-powered suggested content in the Visual Editor for any existing copy on a page using the GPT 3.5 large language model (LLM). This feature applies to any text-based element to test recommended alternatives. To increase conversions, you can fine-tune your web page's brand positioning, product descriptions, or CTAs. View a demo and learn how to use this feature.

This feature is supported in multiple languages and can process text of up to 8,000 tokens (approximately 6,000 words).


  1. Go to an experiment or campaign.
  2. Select a variation.
  3. Select a text-based element.
  4. Click Generate Copy. Five suggestions display. Generate copy.png
    • Hover over a suggestion to preview it on the page.
    • Click Use this copy (checkmark icon) to use the suggestion in the current variation, or click Create new variation (plus icon) to use the copy in a new variation. If adding a new variation, name the variation (if desired) and click Save & View New Variation or Save.
    • Click Generate Again if you want to see other suggestions.
  5. Click Save.

Because the content is powered by AI, some suggestions may be inaccurate. If you find any suggestion inappropriate, eliminate it by clicking Thumbs Down upon hovering over the suggestion. Additionally, you can submit feedback in the portal.

Optimizely privately manages the third-party AI model, which means the data is never shared externally or used to train other models in the future.