Current hotfixes

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This article contains a list of hotfixes for the current Long-Term Support branch. Be aware that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes, so applying the latest hotfix automatically updates your environment to the current branch. 

Current Long-Term Support branch version: 5.1.2309

Date Build Description
10/31/2023 5.1.2309.6504+lts Fixed an issue where FieldMapping jobs threw SqlParameterCollection errors.
11/9/2023 5.1.2309.6518+lts Fixed an issue where adding items to a cart after a customer's session expired when sign in was required resulted in a voided cart in Spire.
11/9/2023 5.1.2309.6518+lts Fixed an issue where two records were created in Spire after a guest completed checkout.
11/20/2023 5.1.2309.6521+lts Fixed an issue where plural search terms did not return singular search term results in Spire.