October 2023

Omnichannel authoring & delivery

Create content once, then publish anywhere. Omnichannel Authoring lets you create content once for multiple channels with an editing experience similar to Google or Microsoft. The new editing experience also includes inline commenting, the magic of AI, channel-specific previews, and publishing. See Edit content with omnichannel authoring.


Brand templates

Create on-brand assets in minutes. Designers can build templates in the native template builder in the library, locking specific elements so that users can edit only certain components. This ensures consistent branding, lets non-design-savvy users create the content they need, and gives time back to designers to develop new materials. See Create brand templates.


Place tasks on hold

Pause work and pick it back up when time allows. Marketers' priorities are constantly changing. Instead of bumping out the due date or archiving work when a task gets deprioritized, update the task's status to On Hold, then pick the work back up when time allows. See Place task on hold in Manage tasks.


UX delights

Treats that will improve your CMP experience.

  • Bulk tagging assets in Library –  Apply tags to multiple assets at once.


  • Nested folder search in Library – Search for assets within a specific folder.
  • Character count on rich text fields – Set and view character count limits on rich text fields.
  • Helper text for fields – Set helper text for fields in Settings to guide users to provide the appropriate information.