2023 Experiment Collaboration release notes

  • Updated

The following is a cumulative list of enhancements to Experiment Collaboration. This list will update regularly because Optimizely releases new features and fixes as soon as they are ready. Follow this article to receive notifications as soon as new content is added.


  • Progressive forms – All multi-page forms are consolidated into one form, creating a more seamless hypothesis creation experience. Values entered in a field record are repeated in every other instance the same field is used in the form. Changing a value for a field updates instances of the field on the form. When you click a field to change the value, the form jumps to the first use of the field. (November 12, 2023)


  • On Hold status – Pause work and pick it back up when time allows. Experimenter's priorities are constantly changing. Instead of bumping out the due date or archiving work when a task gets deprioritized, update the hypothesis's status to On Hold, then pick the work back up when time allows.
  • AI content generator – Harness the time-saving power of AI! Generate short or long-form written content: write content, highlight it, and AI will do the work for you.