Organize lists

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With Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS, users can organize their lists, including actions such as adding tags, hiding/unhiding, and favoriting. This lets users streamline their My Lists page and search for specific lists.


Users can add tags to lists to group similar lists and search for lists using specific tags. Tags display on the My Lists page and Recent Lists widget. Hovering over the Tag icon by a list displays the tags associated with it.

Add Tags.png

Follow these steps to add tags:

  1. Click Add Tags.
  2. Enter the name of the tag to add.
  3. Press Enter to save.
  4. Click Save.


Users can favorite lists and then filter lists by their favorites. Click the Star icon to favorite a list. This feature is available on the List Details page, My Lists page and Recent Lists widget.


Users can hide and unhide lists on the My Lists page. Clicking Hide List on the My Lists page or List Details page marks a list as hidden. The list can then be viewed by going to My ListsHidden. Users can unhide lists by clicking Unhide List on the Hidden view or the List Details page.

Replace or delete discontinued products

Users can replace or delete discontinued products on their list. If a product has been marked as discontinued and is out of inventory in all warehouses, a Product Discontinued label displays. Users can click View Replacement Product (if available) to see the product and decide whether to replace it. Users can click Delete to remove the product from the list.