Switching to the new data transfer service

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There used to be two ways to perform file transfers:

  • with an old service using SCP oder SFTP,
  • with a new service using SFTP only.

To ensure the security of our infrastructure, the old service will be deactivated end of June 2024. As a result, support for file transfers via SCP will also be discontinued.

Here, you learn how to switch from the old service to the new service.

Step 1: Adjusting the Fully Qualified Domain Name

To switch to the new service, you must adjust the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN):

  • Old: ftpapi.broadmail.de or ftpapi.campaign.episerver.net
  • New: transfer.campaign.optimizely.com

Step 2: Accepting the fingerprint

After changing the FQDN, you need to accept the new server's fingerprint. This needs to be done only once. The other login credentials remain unchanged. The new fingerprints are:

  • RSA
    3072 MD5:73:8e:21:e5:6e:da:55:ac:68:3e:df:4d:3e:cc:5f:16
    3072 SHA256:q9OltUdyjM+8W04IHVcRXjm2WJ8EOVoGXFLJasGHWMk
    256 MD5:ef:f9:e1:3c:b1:32:ae:26:8d:e2:84:62:c3:49:19:56 (ECDSA)
    256 SHA256:kl2MwO+3xQDYoMN0olfY4ijE4rEPjTc4o0uRu5O6N2o (ECDSA)
  • ED25519
    256 MD5:8f:bb:fa:34:42:33:a5:ea:ac:e3:70:2d:ea:ea:f1:59 (ED25519)
    256 SHA256:vqxbE3CXMdiCaEoWSbozPhpbokUnxgL+0Hs9tiyZWiU (ED25519)

How-tos for new connections

If you want so set up a new connection, you can find comprehensive instructions here:

Configuring SFTP for macOS