2024 Optimizely Web Experimentation release notes

  • Updated

The following is a cumulative list of enhancements in each Optimizely Web Experimentation release. Because Optimizely Web Experimentation releases features when they are ready, this list updates regularly. Follow this article to receive notifications.



  • Updated the Test URL(s) to save after leaving the page settings. This lets you revisit the settings to see the page conditions and the effects of adjustments to those conditions.
  • Added an ID column for Audiences and Extensions to retrieve the information faster.
  • Updated the HTML box to be collapsible in the Visual Editor.


  • Released targeting dynamic selectors to beta.
  • Released Integrate Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Audiences to beta. This lets you target experiments based on segments in GA4 without custom development, unlocking new targeting capabilities within Web Experimentation, such as demographics-based audience creation and predictive audience identification for potential purchases within a specified timeframe.