2024 Experiment Collaboration release notes

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Released the ability to link a hypothesis with an Optimizely Web Experimentation experiment.


Delete Users

You can delete a user, but the activities and comments remain in the platform with the label (deleted) next to their name, such as "Jane Smith (deleted)."

Additionally, deleted users are accessible as a filter option in the Plan module's filter panel, making locating activities assigned to or owned by deleted users easy.

Recycle bin

Admins can restore a deleted hypothesis or hypothesis content, such as files, images, or URLs, from the recycle bin. See Restore deleted hypotheses and hypothesis content from the recycle bin.


Saved View permissions

You can select Can Edit and Can View permissions when you share saved views with users, teams, or organizations. See the Share a view section in the Saved filter views documentation. 


Access artificial intelligence (AI) assistant Opal from the main menu

Use Opal to ask questions about your hypothesis. Your conversations are organized according to your location in Experiment Collaboration when you ask Opal your questions. For example, you can reopen a hypothesis to access the Opal conversation history from when you worked on that hypothesis.

Auto-complete Work Requests

When a Hypothesis is marked as complete, the corresponding Work Request automatically gets marked as completed.