Experiment Collaboration global header

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The global header lets you access different features in Experiment Collaboration.

Switch instances

If you have access to more than one instance of Experiment Collaboration, open the Instance Switcher and click the instance you want.


The global search bar lets you search everything or refine your search by campaign, task, task content, event, milestone, work request, hypotheses, or hypotheses variation. For more information, see Global search for Experiment Collaboration.

Create a campaign, hypothesis, event, milestone, or work request

Click + to create a campaign, hypothesis, event, milestone, or work request.

AI assistance

Access Optimizely's AI assistant, Opal, through the main global header menu. Use Opal to write experimentation plans and suggest hypotheses, variations, and so on.

Opal organizes your conversations based on their location within Experiment Collaboration. For instance, conversations in a specific hypothesis are kept together so you can refer to them with context. Any conversations that take place outside of these areas are grouped into a single thread.

View notifications

Click Notifications (bell icon) to open your notifications panel. Click the notification to mark it as read. Click Mark All as Unread. Click X to hide the panel.

Click the funnel icon to filter your notifications.

View assigned tasks

Click Assignments to show the tasks currently assigned to you. Click an individual task to go to its page. Click X to hide your assignments.


My Assignments only displays tasks where the current step is assigned to you and the due date is within the last 90 days or in the future.

Get help

Click the Help Resources drop-down list.


  • KnowledgeBase – Displays end-user documentation.
  • Customer Support – Open a Support ticket.
  • Submit FeedbackSubmit feedback from you, including problems in your daily work that you want Experiment Collaboration to solve. Describe the challenges you encounter and your desired outcome.

Access settings and Admin menu

Click your avatar and click an option to see settings and other configuration pages. You can also log out of Experiment Collaboration.