Manage users and teams in Experiment Collaboration

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Manage users and teams in your organization. Admins can add and delete users in Experiment Collaboration. 

To get started with Experiment Collaboration, you must invite users and assign them roles.

  • Roles – Dictate which modules users can access and which activity they can create.
  • Permissions  – Determine which activities or assets users can interact with, regardless of their role.
    • Types – View, Comment, and Edit.

The default permission is set to View All. Permissions also apply to teams. Assigning a user a workflow gives them Edit permissions to the task.

Standard role Seat limits Modules you can access Creation Viewing and Editing

20 combined (see following note)

Plan, Work Requests Hypothesis, Work Request

View and edit hypotheses and work requests.

Creator View and edit based on the object's share settings.
Guest Unlimited Work Requests Work Requests View and edit objects directly shared with the user.
Users are counted from a separate pool of seats not shared with Experimentation. 20 seats are included, but you can purchase additional seats.

Invite users

To invite a user, click your avatar > Users & Teams. The User Management page displays. In the Invite Teammates section:

  1. Enter an email address.
  2. Select their user role.
  3. Click Invite.


After you send the invitation, the invited user receives an email notification to join. When the user clicks Join my team, a sign-up page displays.

The user enters the required information on the sign-up page, and clicks Continue to complete the registration process and access Experiment Collaboration.

Delete users

To delete a user: 

  1. Go to your avatar > Users & Teams.
  2. Click More (...) > Delete user.

Deleted users can no longer log in to or receive notification emails from Experiment Collaboration. Their names are removed from user lists. Deleted users do not display in the Assignee and Comment drop-down lists of any work in Experiment Collaboration. Any work or information that a deleted user previously created or modified and comments that a deleted user was tagged in remain unchanged. 

You can use the Assignee filter to search for work assigned to a deleted user:

  1. Go to Plan.
  2. Click Filters to expand the filters column and select Assignees.
  3. Toggle on Include Deleted User.

Create teams

Split your organization into teams for better collaboration with groups. To create a team:

  1. Click your avatar > Users & Teams. Select the Teams tab and click Create Team.


  2. Enter a team name.
  3. Enter the email addresses or usernames of the team members. These names display below after you add them. You can also remove a member from the team.
  4. Click Create Team.

Edit and delete teams

Click Edit to edit a team.

You can add and remove members or delete the team.