Timeline calendar for Experiment Collaboration

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The timeline calendar view lets you plan long-term activity with a Gantt chart view to maintain a single, long-term, and comprehensive view of campaigns, events, and supporting content activity. You also have a holistic view of the current state of hypotheses and events, letting you see where you should focus your efforts.

Go to Plan > Timeline to access the timeline calendar.

View campaigns, sub-campaigns, hypotheses, and events

The default view shows a listing of the campaigns and any related sub-campaigns, hypotheses, or events that fall within the current quarter. Open or close campaigns and sub-campaigns by clicking the arrow to the left of the campaign. You can also expand or collapse all with the top arrow carrot to the left of the Title column.

A red dot represents Overdue.

Toggle Show hierarchy to display the hierarchy and the parent campaign, even when you apply search criteria, filters, and more. Toggle off campaign hierarchy to see a flat view of the timeline.

Customize your view

  • Click the header date picker to adjust the dates and select the date range.

  • You can also use the Date Range from the filter panel to adjust the date range.

  • Click Zoom to update the display options showing day, week, month, or quarter intervals.

  • You can color the timeline calendar by campaign or single-select labels.
  • Dates can shift in marketing, so you can drag and drop the bars to adjust the timeline. Forward and backward scheduling alerts may display if the hypothesis or step due dates are impacted by the shift.
  • You can drag and drop campaigns, hypotheses, or events rows to re-order or place in another initiative.

View Today

Click Today to see where your activities line up to the current day to focus and align with relevant activities.

Review status and update plan

Hover your cursor over the campaign, hypothesis, or event to see more details (title, campaign, steps, assigned user, and task state).

Save the timeline calendar to a CSV or PDF file

Open the options menu (...) and click Download as CSVDownload as PDF, or Download as Excel to export the calendar.