March 2024 release

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Release: 5.2.2403.2413+sts

The following is a list of the bug fixes and enhancements in the March 2024 release. Some bug fixes listed below may address existing support articles. A comprehensive list is at the bottom of this page.

The March 2024 release is now available for developers to pull down and work with locally or to request for deployments.

Release highlights

Breaking changes

Binary breaking changes do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project. This section describes breaking changes to method signatures or to the behavior of methods in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Medium risk

  • Moved StorageProvider out of the database into AppSettings with a fallback to looking them up in the database. Environments outside Optimizely's control may require changes if they use something besides the FileSystem StorageProvider. The list below is the name of the AppSetting on the left followed by the SystemSetting.Name on the right:
    • StorageProviderName - StorageProvider_Name
    • AmazonS3StorageProviderAccessKeyAmazonS3StorageProvider_AccessKey
    • AmazonS3StorageProviderBucketNameAmazonS3StorageProvider_BucketName
    • AmazonS3StorageProviderSecretKeyAmazonS3StorageProvider_SecretKey
    • AmazonS3StorageProviderCustomDomainAmazonS3StorageProvider_CustomDomain
    • AmazonS3StorageProviderRegionAmazonS3StorageProvider_Region
    • AzureStorageProviderAccountKeyAzureStorageProvider_AccountKey
    • AzureStorageProviderAccountNameAzureStorageProvider_AccountName
    • AzureStorageProviderContainerNameAzureStorageProvider_ContainerName
    • AzureStorageProviderDefaultEndPointsProtocolAzureStorageProvider_DefaultEndPointsProtocol
    • AzureStorageProviderPublicHostNameAzureStorageProvider_PublicHostName

Low risk

  • Changed the default value for search provider – The following enum values were not used and removed:
    • VersionHistoryType.Web
    • VersionHistoryType.Themes
  • Removed SettingsFieldAuthorizationRequiredAttribute.ForbidRole. This field appears to have only been used internally.

    For a setting that should not be accessible to anyone, use the following:

    • SettingsFieldAuthorizationRequired( AllowedRoles = [] ).

Partners/Developers: You can view a cumulative list of breaking changes, including Spire breaking changes, at the bottom of this page. The spreadsheet has two tabs: one for cumulative breaking changes and one for Spire breaking changes.

Database changes and updates

  • Updated option text to avoid duplicates.

  • Fixed typo in prompt of metadata generation.

  • Added Maximum Purchase Quantity field for a product.

  • Added Production Support OrderLineRFQ Index to Base Code.

  • Added Production Support BadgeProduct Index to Base Code.

  • Created Foreign Key Index for SalesPerson UserProfileId.

  • Removed duplicate info in the warning message for deactivated items.

  • Created Foreign Key Index for CustomerOrder.QuotedByUserProfileId.

Library changes and updates

No significant changes.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Spire enhancements

  • Added the ability for Console Users to display the Admin Console in their preferred language if it differs from the applied default.
  • Added more search engine optimization (SEO) structured data options to Site Configurations in the Admin Console: Enable Breadcrumb Structured Data, Enable Sitelinks Search Box Structured Data, and Enable Organization Structured Data. Enable Organization Structured Data uses new fields under Website DetailsCompany Information.
  • Updated the Email Message Logs to show Recipients when troubleshooting sent emails.
  • Updated Saved Order behavior to move all out-of-stock products to the cart when backorders are disabled.
  • Added the ability in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to include the Unit of Measure during imports and let users select the unit when editing products with alternate units of measure available.
  • Updated the CMS to hide pages in the Page Tree if the feature is not enabled in the Admin Console, such as Budget Management, VMI, or User Administration.

Other enhancements

  • Enabled sitemap customization to control how the sitemap is built.
  • Optimized Search Rebuild v2 to reduce the memory required for strings.
  • Added the ability to set a maximum purchase quantity for a product to control inventory and prevent bulk orders from depleting stock. This setting is available in Master Edit Mode.
  • Updated the Paymetric workflow for correct Saved Card values.
  • Modified the application logs to use full width for messages and the integration job logs to use full width for descriptions to increase readability.
  • Added support for Spreedly 3DS2 Global.
  • Added OrderSource and OrderDeviceType as exportable properties within Admin Console > Order History.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that did not show any products in a quote if you went to the Request for Quote page by URL instead of using the Request Quote button in Cart.
  • Fixed an issue in the Generate Field Translation Records job that produced no results instead of generating translations.
  • Fixed an issue that removed trailing zeros (0) when the WIS application built the dataset file for the requested integration job.
  • Fixed an issue where retrieving one of the products in a loop of replacement products caused a failure.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the quickorder qty text field flickered when typing fast or deleting text in the field.
  • Fixed an alignment issue in Spire to right-justify content.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that did not produce search results if you added a character to a search string. For example, if you searched for "55g OH B&" it produced a search result (such as 55g OH B&V), but if you then added another letter, such as V ("55g OH B&V"), it did not produce a result (when it should have shown a search result of 55g OH B&V).
  • Fixed an issue in Spire on the mobile menu that caused a focus (blue) ring to display incorrectly on the menu button.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that only displayed iOS or Android default font colors.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that displayed a tooltip several inches to the left of the button.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire were an order was placed without validating the payment from PayPal.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that showed images out of place on the Brand Details page when the Show Images option was On.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the Contact Us form did not clear after submission.
  • Fixed an issue in a Spire log export that showed only 10 lines of a 10000-line file (or did not export anything).
  • Fixed an issue in desktop and tablet mode in Spire that displayed too much blank space on the first page of the Print Preview screen.
  • Fixed an issue on the Admin Console's Order History page that caused an error when a product number had an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire that displayed a tooltip several inches to the left of the button.
  • Fixed the Sort By and Per Page options when you directly navigated the PLP in a browser in Classic.
  • Fixed a race condition in Classic on the GetAvailability handler that caused a System.InvalidOperationException error.
  • Improved the Brand's page performance in Spire by querying brands in bulk.
  • Fixed a warning that occurred for an invalid BillToldShipTold signature.
  • Fixed the Brand page breadcrumbs to display consistent breadcrumb paths.
  • Fixed an issue where nothing happened when attempting to restore old page content and the page froze during processing.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire's guest checkout where it was possible to enter an invalid email address and still place an order.
  • Fixed an issue in the Admin Console that prohibited unassigning a cross-sell product and caused an unhandled error.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire with the Brands Page on mobile view where information was cut off, preventing readability.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire mobile view where links in the main navigation with Link Type of Link displayed as a cascading menu instead of a direct link to the specified page.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the navigation menu in mobile view did not open parent pages and categories.
  • Fixed an issue where .NET8 sites returned an unhandled error when sharing a list that contained UoM products through email notification.
  • Fixed an issue in Spire where the mobile site did not load on iOS Tablet view.
  • Fixed an issue where retrieving one of the products in a loop of replacement products caused a failure.
  • Reduced the amount of memory required when completing a large number of deletes.

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