Manage fields in Experiment Collaboration

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Fields let you manage metadata in Experiment Collaboration.

Add fields

The Fields tab in a hypothesis lets you make field type changes and add fields to templates and workflows.

Click Add field to add fields to the hypothesis.

As an admin, select your avatar > Fields.


Click Add Field and select the type of field you want.


Click Create to save the field definitions.

Apply fields to workflows

To apply fields to workflows:

  1. Select your avatar > Workflows, then click Edit on an existing workflow (or create one).
  2. Locate the Fields section in the workflow.
  3. You can mark fields as mandatory on task creation or task completion by clicking options.
  4. You can drag and drop fields into any order.

You can also preselect field values for workflows, which display for hypotheses created with the workflow.

Automate metadata

Fields coming from a brief or a campaign automatically carry over to the Fields tab. If there is a hypothesis workflow with fields defined in settings, only those fields inherit the values from the brief or campaign.