Use AI to generate social media posts

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This feature is currently in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager or sign up for the beta on

In the Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS, you can use AI to generate social media posts based on page content. This lets you share relevant page content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Enable the AI setting

You must be an ISC_Admin to enable this setting.

  1. Go to the Admin ConsoleSettings.
  2. Find Social Post Generation under OptiAI.
  3. Click to enable to setting, which displays a Generate Social Post menu in Spire. Default value: No.

Generate social media content

  1. Turn on the Content Editor and go to your Spire website.
  2. Select a page from the Page Tree.
  3. Click Generate Social Post.
  4. Use the drop-down list to choose a platform: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  5. Enter a Prompt and click Generate. You can manually edit the generated content or click Generate to regenerate the content.
  6. Click Copy when you are ready to use the content. Go to your preferred social media platform or publishing service and paste the copied content.
  7. Click Close in the Spire modal when done.