Optimizely Reporting for Experimentation

  • Updated
Optimizely Reporting for Experimentation is in beta.

View dashboards and reports for Experimentation using Optimizely Reporting, which you can access through your Opti ID account.


  • You must have an Opti ID account.
  • You must have an Experimentation account with administrator-level access.

Experimentation reporting dashboard

Click the Program Overview dashboard to view the pre-defined data and charts. Learn more about managing dashboards in Optimizely Reporting.

Experiment Status

  • You can view the experiment status for projects in your account, including how many are in Draft, Paused, and Running status.

Experiment Velocity

  • Started Experiments – Experiments plotted by the date that you most recently started or published them. This shows the growth trajectory of your experimentation program.

  • Total Started Experiments – Groups the number of started experiments by experiment type, including the total number of variations for each experiment type. This helps you understand how you may be taking advantage of other experiment configurations.

  • Frequently Used Pages – Groups the number of started experiments by the pages used in the Web Experimentation setup.

  • Frequently Used Metrics – Groups the number of started experiments by the primary metric used in the experiment.

  • Variations per Experiment – Averages the total number of variations (including control) for the started experiments. This helps you understand whether you are following best practices of testing multiple variations in a single experiment to increase your chance of finding a winner (some source is needed about the benchmark report).