Use AI to generate content metadata

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This feature is currently in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager or sign up for the beta on

Use AI in Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS to generate metadata for page content using keywords and meta description to enhance accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

Enable the AI setting

You must be an ISC_Admin to enable this setting.

  1. Go to the Admin ConsoleSettings.
  2. Find Content Pages Metadata Generation under OptiAI.
  3. Click to enable the setting, which lets users generate keywords or meta descriptions with OptiAI. Default value: No


Generate AI content

  1. Go to Spire CMS.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click More (...> Edit Page beside the page in the page tree.


  4. Click Generate for Meta Keywords or Meta Descriptions.


    • Click Regenerate to regenerate data.
    • Click Save to close the modal and update the keywords or description.
    • Click Close to close the modal without updating the metadata fields.



  5. Click Save.