Set up Payment Service for Configured Commerce

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With Optimizely Commerce's Payment Service, you can add payment gateway providers for your ecommerce. This uses Spreedly's iFrame to offer more flexibility and stability:

  • Use a payment platform without implementing new code.
  • Access more payment gateway options.
  • Implement multiple payment services on a single website.

You must log in with Opti ID to use this feature.

Add gateways

  1. Go to Administration > Payment Service.
  2. Click Add Gateway.


  3. Select the gateway from the drop-down list. The form will populate additional fields depending on the gateway.
  4. (Optional) Enter a Description.
  5. (Optional) Select your Merchant Profile Key if you have already created a merchant profile.
  6. Select whether to use this gateway in your Sandbox Site.
  7. Fill in any additional information for your gateway.
  8. Click Create.
  9. Enter the gateway token under Administration > Settings > Spreedly. This can be website-specific. 

Enable 3DS authentication

If you want to enable 3DS authentication, create a merchant profile and an SCA provider.

You cannot perform a new 3DS authorization or sales transaction through the Admin Console.

Add a merchant profile

 Information for the merchant profile fields below comes from your payment provider.

  1. Go to Administration > Payment Service > Merchant Profiles.
  2. Click Add Merchant Profile.


  3. (Optional) Enter a Description.
  4. Enter a Sub-Merchant Key.
  5. Select a credit card from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter the Acquirer Merchant ID.
  7. Enter the Merchant Name.
  8. Enter a Country Code.
  9. Enter the MCC. The MCC is the Merchant Category Code, which classifies the type of goods or services that the business sells. See Spreedly's documentation for information.

Add an SCA provider

You must create a merchant profile first to add a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) provider.

  1. Go to Administration > Payment Service > SCA Providers.
  2. Click Add SCA Provider.


  3. Select a Merchant Profile.
  4. Enter the Type.
  5. Select whether to use this SCA Provider in your sandbox.
  6. Select a Credit Card from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter the Acquirer BIN.
  8. Enter the Merchant Url.
  9. Enter the Merchant Brand Id.
  10. Enter the Merchant Password.
  11. Click Create. You can also click Cancel to exit without saving.
  12. Enter the SCA Provider Key under Administration > Settings > Spreedly.

After you create the SCA provider, the SCA Provider Key displays. Copy this key because this is the only time this information is displayed. If you lose it, you must create another SCA provider.

How it works

The following flowchart demonstrates the payment service process during cart submission.