Visual Builder concepts

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Visual Builder, a new editor interface in the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) (SaaS), introduces a few concepts. 


Elements are the building blocks for creating content. See Elements in Visual Builder.

Elements can be as simple as a Heading with a single text input field or more complex, like the Testimonial element with various optional and required fields.

The Visual Builder beta sample site has built-in elements, but administrators can also define other elements. See Create a content type in Content Types.

Elements do not have a layout. As an editor, you cannot divide elements or modify their structure. You should define only unchanging structures as elements. 


Sections are horizontal slices of a page comprised of elements. Sections use rows and columns in a grid layout to structure content. You can save sections as a reusable blueprint.


An outline is a list view of your sections. You can drag and drop a section to any order or go to the content you want to edit by hovering over the section in the preview or the outline.



Experiences are flexible and composable web or application pages that display in a list. They are comprised of sections that you can save as reusable blueprints. See Create an experience from scratch and Create an experience from another experience.


Blueprints are reusable layout templates that editors can create directly in the UI. You can save sections and experiences as blueprints. See Blueprints and Save as blueprint.


Style settings let you modify the appearance of the content, based on pre-approved guidelines. You can apply style to any level of Visual Builder content such as elements, rows and columns, sections, or experiences. See Select styles

See the Visual Builder topic in the CMS (SaaS) developer guide for information about creating styles in Visual Builder.