Set up Optimizely Personalization

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See the Get started with Optimizely Personalization article for an overview of the steps required to prepare your site to run personalization campaigns.

This article provides a comprehensive list of resources that will help you prepare your site to run personalization campaigns.

JavaScript snippet

  • Optimizely Web Experimentation JavaScript snippet – Optimizely Personalization lets you create campaigns with personalized experiences on your site by executing a one-line JavaScript snippet. This is a non-technical explanation of the JavaScript snippet.
  • Implement the one-line JavaScript snippet – Implementing the JavaScript snippet is the first step in configuring Optimizely Personalization for your site.
  • Snippet order of activation – Learn about the snippet's order of operations to design more effective personalized experiences that do not detract from your site's user experience.
  • Custom snippets – The default setup is to have a 1:1 relationship between projects and the JavaScript snippet. You can change this setup by creating a custom snippet, which lets you have multiple snippets per project. This is useful if your snippet has grown large enough to have a negative impact on site performance, you want to maintain separate swimlanes for different teams, or you want to run campaigns across properties.
  • Manage custom snippets – Create and manage the settings for your custom snippets.
  • Cookies and localStorage in snippets – Uniquely identify visitors, track their actions, and deliver consistent experiences across page loads with persistent visitor-level cookies and localStorage.

Account setup

For more resources on the account settings in Optimizely Personalization, see Account settings.

Process personalization on the edge with CDNs (add-on)

Moving personalization processing from the browser to a Content Deliver Network (CDN) edge worker is an add-on. The articles listed in this section only apply to those who have the add-on.