FAQs and troubleshooting

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Information for troubleshooting issues with Optimizely Personalization.


  • View change history – You can view the change history for your projects and identify changes that might have caused problems with your campaigns.
  • Open the developer console – Use your browser's developer console to help debug and troubleshoot live (published) campaigns.
  • Find IDs for API calls – Find the IDs that are required to use and troubleshoot the Optimizely Web Experimentation REST APIs.
  • GDPR implementation options – Optimizely Personalization provides several options that you can use to support different General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementations in your projects.


  • Check that the snippet is up to date – Use your browser's developer console to check whether the latest snippet was updated to the CDN.
  • Cannot edit iframes in the editor – Troubleshoot your website's iframe content if it is not displaying in the Visual Editor.
  • Cannot see the variation – If your campaign is live and running but you cannot see your variation, this problem is usually with the variation code execution timing or scoping.
  • Override an inherited style on your site – If you have trouble editing an element in the Visual Editor, it could be due to the styling in your site's code. Use this guide to help troubleshoot.
  • Metrics do not track correctly – Use this troubleshooting guide if you see no conversions for a certain metric on the Results page or if you see a higher or lower number of conversions than expected for a certain metric.
  • Login issues – Use this troubleshooting guide if you have trouble logging into the Optimizely Personalization platform.