Html Forms Not Text Wrapped in Mail on iPhones

This article describes an issue where html forms and surveys are not text wrapped when being mailed and viewed in mail on iPhones.

This issue has been identified in EKTR-370 and is resolved in a cumulative update for 9.1SP3 and 9.2 SP2.  However this fix will be to the following.

In siteroot\Workarea\controls\forms\template_buildDataValue.xslt by replacing line 49

<pre style="white-space:pre;word-wrap:break-word;"><xsl:copy-of select="./node()"/></pre>


<pre style="white-space:pre-wrap;word-wrap:break-word;"><xsl:copy-of select="./node()"/></pre>

As always make a backup of any file you modify for your immediate needs.  You will also need to clear the cache and reset the site in IIS. For the downloads please see here.