How Long Does Ektron Cache XSLT

This article describes the design choice on how Ektron caches XSLT for it's workspace and it's server controls like the ContentBlock.

If a change is made to an XSLT such as a for the display of a smartform it will not immediately invalidate it and therefore will not reflect the changes.

The issue is that XSLT transforms are heavy calls for the system to process - they utilize heavy caching in order to improve performance of the product.   This is by design and not customizeable.

Here are the few options to workaround this choice:

  1. Recycling the application pool will invalidate the cache.
  2. Find the returning XML (such as after an AJAX call) and manipulate the response object to HTTP and use the CSS to modify.
  3. Redesign your control and move away from controls with XSLT.
  4. Put in a feature request to draw more attention to this option.