Configure campaign enrollment

  • Updated
If you had access to campaigns prior to April 2023, Optimizely updated the tab name from Campaigns to Activation. All functionality remains the same.

You can apply enrollment rules to campaigns to further refine the campaign's audience. If the campaign is a series of touchpoints, Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) reapplies enrollment rules after every touchpoint based on the current status of the enrollment rule. For example, if you use a list as an enrollment rule, ODP checks the list membership before sending each touchpoint.

Configure enrollment rules

To configure enrollment rules for a campaign, go to Activation > Engage and either create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign. Within that campaign, expand the Enrollment section.

You cannot edit enrollment rules for a Web campaign. ODP automatically sets enrollment to customers that visit your site.

There are two different enrollment options depending on the campaign type:

  • Segment-based enrollment – Use a pre-defined customer segment or create one to define users that you want to reach with this campaign. This is available for One-Time and Behavioral campaigns.
  • Event-based enrollment – Define a specific event, such as when a customer creates an account, that triggers the campaign. This is available for only Behavioral campaigns.

Segment-based enrollment

  1. Select Customers that match a segment.
    This only displays for One-Time and Behavioral campaigns.
  2. Select a pre-defined segment from the list (and edit it if desired) or create one by clicking Create New Segment.
  3. Click Preview to populate the estimated reachable audience.
  4. Click Apply to save your selection.
  5. (Optional) Expand the Enrollment Rules section to further narrow the campaign's audience.

Event-based enrollment

  1. Select Customers that trigger an event.
    This only displays for Behavioral campaigns.
  2. Expand the Filter drop-down list and select an event.
  3. Expand the Automation Rules drop-down list and define the number of messages the campaign sends per person, per hour.