Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) (Legacy)

  • Updated

Integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings your customer's email activity data over to ODP. ODP integrates the following data:

  • Email Activity Data – The last 24 hours of activity (sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes).

Data synchronizes daily after the initial import.

Configure Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)

  1. Log in to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Go to Account Settings > Administration > Account > Installed Packages.


  3. Click New and name it ODP.


  4. Click Add Component.


  5. Select an API integration type and click Next.


  6. Add the following Permissions and click Save.
    • Channels > Email:  Read, Write, Send
    • Contacts > Audiences: Read, Write
    • Contacts > List and Subscribers : Read, Write


      Your installed package should look like this:


  7. Go to Email Studio > Email.


  8. Click Admin.


  9. In the dropdown on the left, choose Send Classifications, and note your External Key for your Commercial Sending.


  10. Go to Subscribers, and note the Subscriber Key (it will be either customer id or email).


Add ExactTarget Integration to ODP

  1. Go to Administration > Integrations > ExactTarget. Fill in your details to match the those from Salesforce Marketing Cloud App Center.


  2. Fill in the Client ID and Secret from the ODP Installed Package.
  3. Select S1 for server instance.
  4. Fill in the Send Classification (use External Key not name) and Exclusion Filter (this may be left blank) to match how you usually send from ExactTarget.
  5. The Subscriber Key Type determines how Exact Target subscribers map to customers in ODP. If your subscriber key is a globally unique customer ID, then select Customer ID. Otherwise, select Customer Email (and your subscriber keys must be email addresses).
  6. Click Save to enable the integration and start the initial import.