Integrate Oracle Marketing Cloud (Responsys)

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The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) and Oracle Marketing Cloud (Responsys) integration automates the import of sends, opens, and clicks from Responsys into ODP. Responsys only allows one export job per event type to be active at a time. For this reason, ODP monitors the Responsys SFTP server for the presence of any event feeds and imports them as they become available. If your account does not have any active export jobs for sends, clicks, and opens, you need to schedule the jobs via Interact Connect. See the Responsys documentation for instructions on setting this up.

Configure Responsys

  1. Go to App Directory > Integrations > Responsys.
  2. Provide login credentials for a Responsys API enabled user. This may be different from the credentials used for the Responsys web application.
  3. Enter the WSDL URL to establish a connection to the Responsys server and tell ODP which endpoint your account is on. Choose from the following values:
  4. Connect to the SFTP server and pull down the actual feeds containing the sends, opens, and clicks. You may need to contact the AppCloud Technical Enablement group to obtain some of the following information, but here are some tips:
    • Go Interact Connect on the Responsys web application, and start to create an export job. In the second step of specifying the Target File, you should be able to find the SFTP Hostname, Username, and Directory values.
    • To find your Responsys Account ID, go to Interact Connect > Completed Jobs > View Log. If you do not already have the SFTP Private Key, you will need to work with the AppCloud Technical Enablement group to set that up.

After you save your Responsys configuration, ODP begins the import of feeds found on the SFTP server, monitor the SFTP server for any new event feeds, and imports them automatically.