Use click-through stitching (Legacy)

  • Updated

Click-through stitching allows you to add an identification parameter to the URLs in your campaigns. This parameter provides more information to the Optimizely user resolution process, ensuring that Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) is capturing information across devices, browsers, and sessions. 

When creating an email, you have the option to add a particular parameter called zm64_id to a specific link or all links in your touchpoint. This setting is disabled by default.




When click-through stitching is enabled, email engagements and subsequent website traffic are linked to the original recipient. Avoid using this feature in campaigns that are frequently shared, such as those related to coupon codes or sales to help ensure that you have the most accurate insight into the engagement and subsequent behavior of the campaign's recipients. 

Enable click-through stitching

Click-through stitching can be enabled on an individual link or all links in an email. 

Individual link

  1. Edit a touchpoint in the campaign.
  2. Select or add a link to the campaign content.
  3. In link settings, switch the Click-Through Stitching setting to Forced On.
  4. Click Save on the prompt and save the email as usual.


All links in an email

  1. Edit a touchpoint in the campaign.
  2. Click Container in the breadcrumb menu.
  3. Go to Details and enable Click-Through Stitching.
  4. Save the email as usual.