Keyword-triggered SMS campaigns (Legacy)

  • Updated

Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) allows you to create automated SMS campaigns that are triggered by keywords in text messages your customers send you. You can use keyword-triggered SMS campaigns to automate your responses (like support requests) or to allow your customers to opt-in to lists, such as for hobbies, interests and concerns.  

This guide shows how to set up a keyword-triggered campaign that responds with a link to your support page when your customers text you "support."

Create filter for incoming SMS keyword

Step 1: Create new filter

Create a new filter for incoming text messages that contain the word "support."

  1. Click the three-dot icon next to Campaigns.
  2. Select Filters > Create New Filter.


Step 2: Configure filter

  1. Name your filter SMS Engagement - Support.
  2. Select Account for Visibility.
  3. Select Events for Feed.
  4. Set up your filter definition as follows:
    • Event Type = sms
    • Event Action = engage
    • Campaign Event Value ≈ support 
      • Make sure to use matches as the operator, instead of equal, to avoid issues with capitalization.
  5. Save your filter.


Create confirmation message

Create a new behavioral campaign that sends the reply to your customers' text messages.  

Step 1: Set up New Campaign

  1. Create a new behavioral campaign.
  2. Click Create From Scratch.
  3. Under Enrollment, select Customers that trigger an event.
  4. Select your newly created SMS Engagement - Support filter.


Step 2: Create your SMS 

  1. Add SMS as your first touchpoint.
  2. Compose your SMS and add a link to your support page.


Step 3: Launch your SMS campaign

Once your SMS is ready, go live with your campaign. Whenever your customers text you "support," your automated campaign will send them a reply with a link to your support page.