Optimizely Web Experimentation Resources

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Welcome to the help guide for Experimentation.

Below you will find resources to help you set up Optimizely, build and run experiments, and learn from results. If this is your first time using Optimizely Web Experimentation, use our quickstart guide.

Set up Experimentation

Before running experiments, implement Optimizely Web Experimentation on your website. Here are a few articles to help you get started:

Build Experiments

Once you have implemented Optimizely Web Experimentation on your website, you can start building your experiments. The following links are helpful to get you started:


QA and Troubleshoot

Before deploying your experiment, Optimizely Web Experimentation recommends that you thoroughly QA your experiment. More information on how to QA and troubleshooting can be found in the following links:


Turn results into action

Once you have run your experiment and gathered some results, it is time to turn them into actions. For more information on how to interpret your results and how to share them with your team, refer to the following links:

Grow your optimization program:

Check out the Optimization Methodology to learn more about building an impactful optimization program.