Set up Optimizely Experimentation Program Management

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Optimizely Experimentation's Program Management enables teams to experiment more with tools for collaboration and program reporting at an enterprise scale. You need a collaborator with Administrator permissions on your Optimizely Experimentation account to set up Program Management.

Optimizely Experimentation's Program Management is available on select plans. Contact your customer support manager (CSM) for access.

Enable Program Management

Once you receive an email from the Optimizely Experimentation team to join Program Management, click the link to accept. Click Accept when the application opens.teams-connection-modal.png

Create a team

A team is a group of collaborators who have access to a collection of Optimizely Experimentation projects. Depending on their permissions, teammates can submit and score ideas, collaborate on experiments, and view program results. You should create multiple teams if you do not want members of one team to have access to another team's testing program.

Optimizely recommends starting with one team. You can add more teams later as your organization requires.

  1. Click Create New Team on the Teams dashboard.

  2. Enter a name for the team.

  3. Select the projects that pertain to this team. You can import experiment results later.

  4. Click + Invite Teammates to add new users to your team. Select a permission level for each. Each team must have at least one owner.

  5. Click Create Team.

The new teammates receive an email invitation.

Add sites and touchpoints

Your sites and touchpoints are like a sitemap or filing system for experiments. They give you a high-level view of where your program runs experiments. They do not affect experiment targeting and are for organizational purposes only.

  • Sites – Top-level domains and apps on which a team runs experiments. Sites provide the highest view of your team's experimentation program. You should start with whole sites, apps, or properties.

  • Touchpoints – Page categories or elements that you commonly experiment across, such as a product details page or the global navigation across the top of your site.

Follow the instructions to add a site and touchpoint:

  1. Select your team.

  2. Click the Sites & Apps tab.

  3. Select Create New Site.

  4. Name the site and enter a URL. Be sure to include http:// or https:// in the URL.

  5. Click Create Site.

  6. Click Create New Touchpoint.

  7. Select your site in the drop-down list to associate the touchpoint with it.

  8. Enter a name and URL for the touchpoint.

  9. Click Create Touchpoint.

You have set up Program Management. Your team can add new ideas to the Ideas dashboard.